Realty Rekey is looking for quality, trustworthy locksmiths. We will provide you with full training and access to all your material locksmith needs.  We are launching you into a lucrative locksmith career that can one day turn into your own locksmith business. 

The average locksmith call is 6 locks rekeyed for $75 which we split 50/50.  You make 50% on additional locks rekeyed/labor performed and 100% on all material upsells. 

  • We can equip you with all locksmith tools, if needed. Training starts as soon as you have all the necessary tools. 
  • Once trained you create your own schedule to get the jobs done in a time frame that works for you and the customer.
  • Full access to our pricing for any hardware needed to complete the job.
  • Guaranteed lowest price for key machines.
  • Full support from sales team to get as many jobs possible in your area.
  • You are only limited by your ambition.  This is an amazing opportunity for anybody who ever wanted to get in the trade and didn't know where to start with no experience. 
Below are a list of instructional videos showing how to take apart and rekey the most common residential locks that you will run into.  Also included are instructional videos on shimming and reassembling a lock with tweezers.  You are ready to start with Realty Rekey after you can demonstrate an ability to perform the skills listed in each video.  Please use your locksmith tools to perform the below listed tasks and set up a time to demonstrate your proficiency.  Thank you in advance, we look forward to working with you.   
Locksmith 101:
Kwikset Knob:
Kwikset Deadbolt:
Schlage Knob & Deadbolt:
Defiant Knob & Deadbolt:
Smart Key Reset with Existing Key:
Smart Key Reset without Existing Key:
Shimming Lock with Key Blank:
Reloading Housing with Tweezers: