We love to rekey and maintain all the locks of apartment communities.  Most apartments use their maintenance staff to take care of their locks.

We believe that using under qualified people to do detail oriented work can lead to bad results.  With Maintenance guys having such a high turn over rate, the safety and security of your tenants are paramount. Having an ability to produce keys on-site as needed but keeping key codes off site gives you full key control without the liability of having all the keys available to everybody in the office.

There are services that professional locksmiths provide that maintenance guys normally overlook. Such as:

  • Proper placement of door knob strike plate to prevent door from being swiped with a credit card.
  • Deadbolt holes drilled properly so lock can fully extend and operate smoothly.
  • Keys cut with properly calibrated key machine.
  • Master key systems maintained properly to ensure past tenant keys are no longer in circulation.
  • Upside-down locks
  • Locks improperly lubricated.
  • Locks with loose clips causing the key to not go in and out of lock smoothly, get adjusted.

We can provide in house training and locksmith equipment if our low price locksmith service is outside of your budget.

Please inquire for more information on our Key Machine Loaner Program.

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