Thank you for your interest in our company.  Realty Rekey LLC & Dan’s Pro-Lock are national locksmith companies with the same owner and have local offices in our numerous markets. We work with local locksmiths in order to get jobs done efficiently and professionally. If you want to come on board please fill out our online application form and we will get you all the information you need to join our team. This includes access to our Online Training Academy and access to Locksmith Tools at Cost.


To provide reliable locksmith service nationwide and make locksmiths trusted and affordable again.  We are the happy, tech savvy locksmith who helps families get in touch with their home and business security. We want to be the Uber of Locksmithing.

We provide a complete locksmith training program with all the tools and online training necessary to rekey residential and commercial locks on day one for $175.  This includes all locksmith tools and precut keys with business cards and 3 Polo work shirts.  Money back guarantee if you change your mind and return our starter kit.

  • Everything is invoiced through us.  $32.50 per job minimum (1 hour work)
  • You receive 50/50 on labor upsells, 100% on material upsells
  • Receive your jobs from a cloud based dispatch app on your smartphone.  This keeps track of all jobs done and what you are owed so there is never a question.
  • Direct Deposit bi-weekly 2 weeks back.
  • Start your own locksmith business and have Realty Rekey as your first account.
  • We are striving to secure all 50 states and cannot do it without well trained highly motivated locksmiths.
  • Once on our list of available locksmiths in the area we will work our hardest to supply you with a steady flow of jobs.  We encourage you to advertise your services outside of us. Think of Realty Rekey as a significant source of weekly added income, working together with you to get as many jobs as possible.