Our locksmiths will go to your properties, gain entry and rekey all exterior doors, interior garage doors and any outside storage doors to the same key.

We service and lubricate all knobs and deadbolts.  We can provide locks of any shape, size or color.  If there any doors that are sagging or misaligned with the door frame we make sure all locks turn smooth with no back and forth, pushing and pulling.

Realty Rekey can keep your properties on a master key system so you can have one key that works for all your properties and individual keys that only work individual properties.

We can get your properties onto a 10, 20, 30 or 40 key system.  On a 10 key system for example, we cut you 20 of each key number 1-10 and give them to you in advance.  When you send us a rekey you tell us which number you want us to rekey the locks to and once complete you will already have all the keys you need without going to the property or waiting for the locksmith.

We can leave a lockbox set to a code of your choice.

We keep track of all the keys to the properties we rekey so if one comes up missing we can replace it without having to go back out to the house.

We have the lowest prices and best service in town guaranteed.

We’re here to provide as much security as you need, to provide the peace of mind you and your properties deserve.

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