Why Rekeying Is Important For Your Business

Whether you’re running a premier apartment complex, or the laundromat down the street, there are many reasons why you should rekey your business. While for some companies, commercial rekeying is a regular occurrence, for others it’s never been done before. Why is rekeying so important for businesses? There are several reasons why you should have your company rekeyed. In today’s blog, the professional locksmiths at Realty Rekey will go over a few motives for why your company should have their locks rekeyed and when you should have them done.

As someone in charge at your company, protecting your business and its employees is your first priority. If there are several copies of your business’ keys floating around in the world, the likelihood of someone using them to break into your store or location greatly increases. Disgruntled employees and tenants are capable of doing some awful things. One of the best ways to protect your employees and help your business continually run efficiently is to have your company’s office rekeyed, especially after employees leave or are fired and don’t turn in their keys. Rekeying will give you some much needed peace of mind that doesn’t usually come by very often when managing a company.

Somebody Moved Out

As we said before, when an employee leaves and moves on from a company and doesn’t return their key, it can cause big problems for a company that doesn’t rekey their doors. The same is true for tenants of apartment buildings, except in this case the management company could be in a lot of trouble if anything is lost or damaged in the new leasee’s apartment. Tenants move in and out almost every month, and though you may assign a certain number of keys and keep a record of the times a tenant needs a new one from you, if they get a key made outside of your knowledge then you may never even see a possible crime coming. Rekeying after each tenant moves out is a surefire way to know your new tenants are safe under your management.

You Moved Into A New BuildingFree stock photo of metal, door, lock, steel

Just because you’re new to the building doesn’t mean that prior occupants will be leaving you alone. If your company moves into a new building that had a previous renter or owner, one of the first things you should do is get your locks rekeyed. Even if you think you have all of the keys, it’s safest to have your doors rekeyed so that you know you hold them all without a doubt in your mind. The last thing you want is for someone from, or mad at, the last business to break into yours and cause damage. Sometimes general contractors can’t get the job done, so hiring an expert commercial locksmith company with years of experience is usually the only way to guarantee the results you desire.

Hard To Open Locks

This may be the only reason on our list that doesn’t deal too much with security. However, if the locks on your company’s doors are hard to open or are constantly breaking, it may be time to look into some new ones. Older locks may have significant damage, which will result in key breakage and can become costly if not addressed right away. Sometimes if your locks are broken, would-be thieves or vandals can get into your business easier than normal as the lock on the door won’t operate normally. Having new locks on your company’s doors will not only allow you easier access, it will make it harder for those that aren’t meant to be inside to stay out.

If you’re looking for business rekeying, the professional locksmiths at Realty Rekey can help give your company the security and peace of mind you both need. Our locksmiths are professionally trained and have years of experience rekeying businesses of every kind. We can also help you get started on your locksmith career with online classes taught by professional locksmiths. You can join our expert group of locksmiths by submitting your online application. Realty Rekey has several locations all around the United States, so finding a locksmith near you is as easy as opening your preferred search engine. Contact Realty Rekey today to learn more and get a free estimate for your company!