What To Do When You Get Locked Out

We’ve all been there –stuck outside of our homes without our keys. Whether it’s because you forgot them somewhere or dropped them into a black hole, the feeling is always the same when you realize you’re stranded outside of your house. For many, the panic sets in quickly before they can formulate a solution to get themselves back into their home. That’s why the professional locksmiths at Realty Rekey have made this blog to help you when you get back into your house when you’re locked out. All of these methods can help you, but aren’t 100 percent guaranteed to get you back into your apartment or house. If worse comes to worse and none of these techniques work, call your nearest locksmith for help. Realty Rekey has several locations throughout the United States, so when you need a locksmith, just search “Best locksmith near me” in your preferred search engine to find us.

Phone A Friend

Friends will always have your back. In some cases they may even be able to help you get back into your residence. If you’ve given out spare keys to friends or family, then now is the time to call them. It may be a little embarrassing and possibly inconvenient, but being locked out of your home or apartment is a problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Your friends and family will understand and though they may be a little upset at first, they’ll always come around in the end.

If you live with roommates, then they’re also a great option to call if you ever get locked out of your place. Not only do they already have a key to your place, but they’ll inevitably be going to the same place at some point in the day. If you rent your place, talk to the landlord who will have a copy of your key, or go to the management office while they’re open to get someone to let you inside. Make sure to have something that proves who you are and that you live there though.

Put It On Your CardPerson Holding Door Lever and Key

Credit cards can be used to get you many things like new outfits, ice cream, and designer pajamas for your dog. They can also be used to get you back into your home in a pinch. If you have a spring bolt door knob, which are usually found on most standard issue door knobs, then you can use a credit card to shimmy open your door. Before you get your hopes up though, if your deadbolt is on you won’t be able to use this method as a credit card won’t be able to retract the deadbolt.

When using this technique to get back into your home, use a card you don’t really need all that much as it may break during the process of opening your door. Also be sure to use laminated cards as they have a better chance of opening your door due to their flexibility. Insert your card between the frame and the door where the latch is located. Push the card in and bend it back and forth while also pushing the door. You’ll know if this method works as you’ll gain entry into your home. But even if you do get yourself into your home, you may want to contact a locksmith or your landlord as you just demonstrated to yourself how easy it is to break into your own house.

Windows Are Your Friend

More specifically, open windows are your friend, especially when you’re locked out of your home. Check to see if any of your windows are unlocked and open. If they are, all you have to do is remove the screen, open it to a size you can fit through, and slide on in. Picking a window lock can be tricky, but depending on the type of lock, a simple screwdriver can be used to gain entry. We don’t recommend breaking a window to get into your residence, as that can cause lots of unnecessary damage to both your home and yourself. But if it’s an emergency, safely breaking a window is an option. When using a window to get into your house, just remember to watchout for anything that might be below you when going through the window.

When locked out of your home, be sure to call the best locksmiths in your area at Realty Rekey. Learn more about Realty Rekey, submit a locksmith job for your home or apartment complex, or contact us for more information.