Best Ways To Remember Your Keys

For some of us, the local locksmith is on speed dial or “locksmith near me” is permanently saved in our Google search history because we forget our keys so often. It happens, life makes us worry about other things and we forget to grab them before we head out of the door, or sometimes where we even put them in the first place. Luckily, the professional locksmiths from Realty Rekey are here with this great blog to give you some tips on how to remember your keys. You can choose your favorite, or even a number of methods to help you stay on top of remembering your keys at all times.

Get A Key Holder

Ever just get home and throw your keys on the counter, sometimes literally, knocking off papers and houseplants in the process. Or maybe sometimes you have too much stuff in your hands while you’re trying to multitask, which is how your keys always seem to end up in the refrigerator. A key holder can help you better keep track of your keys, especially when it’s placed in the right spot. Hang the holder next to your front door or garage, making sure it stands out a little so you’ll notice it on your way out. Put it on a shelf or rack near the internal entrance of your house. As long as it stands out, you’ll notice it and be able to quickly grab your keys. Plus it gives you a place to quickly put your keys away as soon as you get home.

If you’re the creative type and like to do arts & crafts, then you can even design your own key holder. You can use objects that are just laying around your house, or you can go out and buy everything you need from a supply store. Make it truly unique so it reflects your personality. If you don’t have the artistic eye then you can always buy a premade key holder from a hardware store, supermarket, or anywhere else home improvement products are sold.

Get A Key Finder

If you’re the kind of person who’s always misplacing your keys, then it may be time for a key finder. Key finders come in many different varieties and options. Essentially, a key finder uses a remote or a downloadable app that locates a GPS targetable device you attach to your keys. You can buy a single finder for your own keys or your can buy a set for the whole family. There are options ranging from a couple dozen dollars to about a hundred. It all depends on what you need and how much you want to spend for it. Key finders are a great way to keep track of your keys if you’re constantly losing them, especially if you have a lot of clutter in your home or office.

Get A KeychainFree stock photo of wood, metal, vintage, technology

Believe it or not, a keychain can actually help you remember your keys, or at least make them big and loud enough so you’ll never be able to forget them. Adding things like beloved novelty toys, meaningful keepsakes, or picture storing compartments will add a deeper sentiment to your keys, making you want to have them on you at all times. Or at least know where they are so you can regularly appreciate the added features. A lanyard can also evoke similar emotions that objects on a keychain can. Get one with your favorite sports team, your alma mater, or one that was specially made for you. Either way, the added sentiment will help you remember to always have your keys nearby.

Other Ways To Help Remember Your Keys:

  • Magnets behind light switches
  • Personalized hangers
  • Place them in your pants the night before
  • Keep them in your purse, backpack, briefcase, etc.
  • Put them next to items you never forget
  • Get smart locks
  • Hide spare keys where you need them

The locksmith professionals at Realty Rekey hope this blog has helped give you some ideas on how to remember your keys. If you need locksmith services in your area or have questions about our company feel free to contact Realty Rekey to get the answers you need. We’re constantly hiring new locksmiths as well all across the United States.